Coming across “Abasoms” in the Encyclopedia of Ancient Deities by Charles Russell Coulter and Patricia Turner, one of the first things that stood out was “evil spirits”. Every time I come across something related to Africa being labeled as “evil” I do more research. Unfortunately, I kept coming across the same information.

“To drive the Abonsam from the village or home and to cleanse the area it was necessary to have four weeks of silence. During this period, it was hoped that the evil spirits would be frightened away. This was followed by a night of creating noise; thunderous sounds by rattling pots, beating sticks together and screaming loudly.”

According to the Encyclopedia of Ancient Deities, Abosom is “Probably the same as Abonsam“. Abasoms/Abonsam are spirits in Guinea. The only information I’ve been able to find on Abasoms/Abonsam is the same as found above.

The information in this post will be in regard to information I was able to find on Abosom. The Abosom are spirits in Ghana. The Ashanti/Asante are the largest of the Akan people (34 subgroups) of Ghana and Ivory Coast. In the traditional religion of the Ashanti, Abosom (spirits, plural – ọbosom, singular) assist humans on earth.

“The term Abosom (ah-boh’-som) is an Akan term for Deities, Goddesses and Gods, the Divine Spirit-forces in Creation. The Abosom are the children of Nyamewaa-Nyame – The Mother-Father Supreme Being. The term Abosom can be traced directly back to the Ancestral Akan language of Khanit and Kamit (ancient Nubia and Egypt).” – The Origin of the Term Abosom in Kamit

The original information I came across had the Abosom listed as house, water and tree spirits that were believed to be malevolent. According to Joseph S. Kaminski, “Abosom are believed to abide in other natural objects including trees, plants, rocks, mountains, hills, caves, rocks, brooks, wells, and so on”.

According to Kwasi Bempong, there were divisions of Abosom.

  1. Atano (water)
  2. Ewim (sky)
  3. Abo (earth)

Atano Abosom are spiritual entities that originate from water. These were the “children” of Tano (son of Onyame and Asase Ya (“Old Woman Earth”) and brother of Bia). Ta Kora/Taa Kora, another name for Tano, is the highest of the Akan spirits on earth. He is embodied in the Tano/Tanoe River in Ghana.

“The Supreme Being created lesser powers (abosom>; singular ọbossom) to help humans with their lives. Tano, the river spirit, for example, is an ọbossom. Tano is neither a god nor equal to the Supreme Being. Tano is a lesser spirit created by the Supreme Being. After the Supreme Being created everything, he retired to allow decisions to be made by the living.” – Joseph S. Kaminski

Ewim Abosom and Abo Abosom manifest as abrafo. Abrafro is a military term that means “warrior or executioner”.

“The Abrafo are the executioners of the Company, and their emblem is a knife, like an ordinary kitchen knife, with which they attacked their victims. Their duty in battle is to behead those of the enemy killed on the field, who are not removed by their comrades.” – 20,000 Names from Around the World

The Ewim and Abo Abosom “were [in fact] those who saw the laws (mmara) were carried out.”

“Punishment and death were meted out by the abrafo-abosom, while the older group of abosom, the Atano, were deliverers of blessings.”

Another “group” of Abosom I came across are the Akradin Abosom. These are Akan spirits who govern the solar, lunar and planetary bodies.

“The Abosom are the Asunsum, the Spirits, operating through the many Suns, Moons, Stars, Planetary bodies, Oceans, Rivers, Mountains, Wind, Fire and the Black Substance of Space comprising Abode (ah-baw-deh’) or Creation. They are the Divine “Organs” regulating Order within the Great Divine “Body” of Nyamewaa-Nyame just as your organs (smaller bodies) regulate order within the greater body-you. The Akradinbosom are a particular grouping of Abosom identified by Their unique functions within the greater company of Abosom.” – Akradinbosom

As for the Abosom being listed through various sources as evil or malevolent spirits, I came across the following information, both of which are from Asante Ntahera Trumpets in Ghana: Culture, Tradition and Sound Barrage by Joseph S. Kaminski.

“The Asante also make offering to abosom to court their goodwill and to pacify them, for instance the abosom are ambivalent, though, they may manifest as either good or bad. The Asante venerate Tano (the river spirit), for example, by pouring libations and reciting prayers and surrogate speeches to it.”

“The deities are held either to be good and evil or to have powers of good and evil. Thus, unlike Onyame (God), they are not wholly good and hence they are considered in Akan theology and cosmology to have independent existence of some sort; they operate independently of God and in accordance with their own desires and intentions.”

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Scrying No. 2

I had another scrying session this morning from 12:10 to 12:42 am. The two candles that I ended up blowing out the first time are the same ones I used this morning. One candle is white and belongs to Siva. The other is red (smells like cinnamon) and belongs to Bast.

I didn’t have any dark shadow visitors this time but something else interesting happened. I had the candles off to the side so they wouldn’t be directly next to me. They were still getting on my nerves though so I blew Bast’s candle out and it went out. I blew Siva’s candle out and the flame swayed but didn’t go out. I tried two more times to blow it out but it wouldn’t go out. It did seem to dim down though.

I didn’t see anything swimming around the scrying bowl or anything grasping onto the rim. But the water was swirling around in the scrying bowl in counter-clockwise motion. When I finished the scrying session, I blew Siva’s candle out with no problem.

So I have dark shadows circling me in clockwise motion, something swimming in clockwise motion while the water is going in counter-clockwise motion with smoke rising out of it, something grasping onto the rim of the scrying bowl and it might have something to do with Siva.

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Scrying No. 1

Thursday morning (a little after midnight), I had my first scrying experience. I’m having a hard time figuring what happened out. I had two lit candles near me with the lights out. I ended up blowing the candles out when the flames began dancing. This isn’t anything new. It happens when I meditate as well. The dancing flame is a sign, for me, that “something” is present with me.

The way my spiritual room is set up is a room with no windows or vents. The room is next to my bedroom, which is also the only way you can enter the spiritual room. There is no door on the room. Red, double curtains separate it from my bedroom. The bedroom light was off while I was scrying but my bedroom door was open so there was a hint of light coming from the hallway.

After I blew out the candles, I realized I wasn’t alone. There was either one entity circling me (clockwise) or two entities (one on each side of me) that were walking in the opposite direction. That’s the best I can explain it.

The interesting thing is, it didn’t bother me at all. I never looked up, just used my side peripherals and noticed these black shadows. I should also mention that this wasn’t the first time I’ve had these black shadow visitations. It used to happen all the time when I was younger. Back then, it scared the mess out of me. But this time I had no feelings about them at all. They were there, I was aware – no fear or anything like that, I just kept scrying.

As for the actual scrying, I tend to go into a trance easily. A gift?? There was this faint “thing” swimming inside the bowl in a circle (clockwise). There were instances where it looked like black smoke (that’s the best way to describe it) was rising out of the scrying bowl. The furthest it came out of the bowl was a little past the rim.

There was also a black “thing” grasping onto the rim of the scrying bowl. I don’t know how to describe it. I wouldn’t say hands, think of vines that had been drenched in black oil. Like the smoke, it never came out of the bowl, just grasped onto the rim of the bowl.

When I finished, all I could think was “what the hell was that?” I have no idea what it means and honestly, I’m not even sure it relates to the question I asked.

Has anyone else had any similar experiences while scrying? Like I said, this was my first experience with it. I do plan on scrying again tonight (around midnight). Another question is, has anyone else had any black shadow visitors? One of my friends suggested that they might be spirit guides.

FYI: If you get a like on one of your posts from an sXe, that’s me. I just don’t feel like logging in and out of my accounts all the time.

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Dark and Bitter

Originally posted on Devil's Advocates:

One of my favourite sayings, which is true for me, is, “I like my coffee black like my soul!” Sophie and I also prefer the dark and bitter types of beer and of course dark chocolate. Is this because we are Satanists? Of course not! I am sure more than half the population enjoy black coffee and a large number of people enjoy dark chocolate and bitter beer, most of whom are not Satanists…

There is a point to this though. Some things which are described as dark and bitter are more socially acceptable than others. In truth most people enjoy things which could be described as dark and bitter but they wouldn’t want to be described as dark and bitter people. Neither would we because such a description usually has very negative connotations. However in the vast spectrum of how things are, and how thing could be, we do…

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A Working Schedule

The schedule I was supposed to put together a couple of weekends ago never got done. There is no one to blame but myself. I got wrapped up in something else and forgot what I was originally going to do. And that is exactly how I fell off my schedule in the first place.

One of the things I have been doing, since late last week, has been journaling. But it has changed from the way I was doing it before. No longer journaling at night, I am now doing it throughout the day. I carry a notepad with me everywhere I go and write in it constantly. It has helped me to stay more focused.

Another thing it has helped me with is understanding my thinking process as well as giving me the opportunity to see my own flaws more easily. Having already worked on the more “visible” issues/flaws, I am now uncovering some things that I need to deal with that are not “bad” but can help me, personally, progress in my spiritual path if they were tweaked a little.

While studying, I am utilizing my journal, jotting down questions that are coming up in regards to what I am reading. I have also been questioning a lot more than I used to, everything (even some of the people that I associate with). As I read through the entries at night, I make note of the things I need to do more research on.

Saturday night I put in my journal that I needed to write up a schedule. Yesterday, I finally did it. There are three schedules that I have written up.

  1. Everyday Schedule
  2. Appointment Schedule
  3. Pain Schedule

I had a conversation with a friend of mine about a week ago and he was stating that he was lazy when it came to his spiritual practice. He then had the nerve to say “you know what I mean with your Fibro and all”. I am not sure what planet some people reside on but Fibro does not equal lazy. I actually have three chronic pain conditions. None of them have stopped me from practicing my spiritual path and they never will.

The pain schedule that I came up with is not as limited as one might think it would be. I can do Japa, prayers, meditation and even a ritual while sitting up in bed. I can also study with the use of my Nook. If you have to come up with a reason to not practice your path, then you should not be in the LHP.

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