Totem Animal, Tarot and Ancestor Veneration

Having done scrying in the past, I’ve decided to give Tarot a try. I did a reading yesterday and a “Daily Draw” this morning (may turn out to be done weekly later on). The day before, I figured out my Totem/Spirit Animal. When I did my first Tarot reading, I was shocked at how much the two related to each other.

This morning, I spent some time with my mom (Ancestor Veneration). When I do AV, I start with an opening to call forth my ancestor(s), offer water (changed once a week), offer food (change every morning), light incense and/or candle and then just talk freely. I spend time with mom once a week (every Friday morning), so I fill her in on everything that’s happened since the last time we spoke. Some of the things I talked to her about this morning had to do with my Totem Animal, more changes which have taken place and things I’ve been struggling with.

After I finished AV, I did a read. I asked a specific question and laid three cards down. What I got back wasn’t connected to the question I asked. Instead, it was in regard to what I talked to my mom about (what I’ve been struggling with). It also hit on some specific characteristics regarding my Totem Animal.

Everything which has come up (session with mom, first Tarot reading, Totem Animal) has been about change. This morning’s reading connected everything for me and helped me understand not only what’s getting ready to happen but how to move through the chaos without interrupting the balance I’ve worked hard for these past couple of years.